Book Club/Workshop 2020

Fast-track business growth in 2020

Think and Grow Rich

by Napoleon Hill

Join other like-minded entrepreneurs as we study the principles in this book.

Starting January 12th, 2020


This workshop style book club is designed for "Entrepreneurs Only"

This program is for you if.....


  • You're serious about entrepreneurship.
  • You want to know more about mindset and profits.
  • You see the benefit in building a global network.
  • You're curious about the principles that Napoleon Hill teaches in Think and Grow Rich - a book that was written in 1937.


I had a real deficit going into business 9 years ago. Not only a lack of business knowledge but apparently I had something called scarcity mindset. That meant that from day one nearly everything I did caused me to sabotage my success. Things like pricing my services half what I should have been charging; failing to get things in writing so that I ended up in Small Claims Court. I had a heart to serve and the shift to a profit motive really made me cringe. This journey from scarcity to abundance has helped me to become a better business coach. It takes more to become successful than a business card.

The book club format coupled with guest presenters, opportunities for connection and discussion about tough topics topics will help you to start the year off right.


Here's how it will roll out...



We will meet for 6 consecutive Sunday's via Zoom 

The program starts on January 12th and runs for 6 consecutive Sundays.

We meet at 10:00 AM Atlantic via Zoom. It's an easy platform that allows us to interact live from the comfort of our home. Can't show up on that day? Watch the recording.

Every Wednesday at 7:00 PM Atlantic, the live Q&A will take place inside a private FB Group. 

At the end of the 6 weeks, you will have clarity around where you're headed in your business and you will have built relationships to support you on that journey.



Why Napoleon Hills' book is important for entrepreneurs.

The book provides an excellent framework for serious discussion about business principles. Even though this book was written in 1937, the lessons that are shared are timeless.

You will get to check in on your own position on money mindset and whether it is supporting you in business success.

Many people aren't certain what number to set as their annual revenue target, you will get lots of tips on how to set a target that works for you and where you are in your business.

You will learn how to find the support you need to keep going when the evidence of success is not there to energize you. 

Dealing with failure is a big challenge for business owners. During our time together you will hear about processing shame and starting over. 

The book is a rich resource that covers a broad array of topics.



Bonus - Business Coaching

I have been helping business owners to fast track their profits for 9 years.Facilitating a book club like this allows me to sprinkle coaching in as we go. 

I will bring Napoleon Hills' lessons to life with some current strategy that  you can begin to implement in your business right away. 

Lots of bang for your buck but you will also receive:

A 15 minute lazer coaching session within one week after the course ends.  



Bonus - Weekly Guest 

Last time we hosted this book club, we brought in guests to help bring the principles to life. This year, I am excited to have 5 guests who have been in business for more than a century all combined. They will share their brilliant business stories with you. 



Bonus - A Copy of My Book

Money MIndset: How Changing My Mind About Money Helped Me To Succeed As An Entrepreneur

Debbie Adams

"I attended my first Napoleon Hill book club last January. I wanted to learn more about money and how it affects my small business. I enjoyed the book but really liked the open discussions with Debbie and other business owners. Debbie asks the right questions that make you think about money and how you have dealt with money in the past. When I saw that she was offering another book club in the fall for the Think and Grow Rich book again, I thought it would be interesting to take the class again to see what I had learned and what else I could learn from another group of business owners. Many people in the last class had said that they continue to take the class and always learn something new each time. During the second class it was interesting to hear again from another group of business owners who were on their own path of starting something new and how money affects us personally and in our business. Debbie offered a great group of speakers which also offered new ways to look at our money and how we run our businesses."

Wendy Dooling
Reflexologist, NS

"Debbie's Think and Grow workshop really helped us zoom in on our options. She has a lot of level-headed advice to offer that goes beyond the scope of just the book. Her guest speakers also brought up some eye-openers. It was the galvanizing experience we needed."

Naomi Raven
Personal Trainer, NS

Are you wondering whether this program is for you?

Whether you are a new start up who is just beginning or a seasoned business owner who is thinking of expanding, this program has something for you.

Each time I read the book I learn something that will benefit me today.

Join me and we will learn together about new strategies to develop a healthy mindset around money. 

A Note From The Instructor...

You're in the right place.

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